Video - Platform boots in the shoe closet

platform  boots

Video of trying on DiMarni thigh high boots with extreme high heels and platform in my shoe closet.

Youtube channel HHLOOKS3

Comments (2) on “Video - Platform boots in the shoe closet”

  1. johnt:
    Did you read the review I wrote on the xmarks website at of, hh? I hope you like it I gave
    you the most stars too. And I didn’t even mention how great it would be to see some photos and videos
    of you in a pair of sexy DiMarni red leather thigh high extreme high heel platform boots: maybe
    pulling them on and off a pair of tight jeans; lifting your leg and clunking one boot on a table while sitting in a chair; strutting, the tall heels clacking sweetly; tapping those enourmous heels or thick soles together; crossing your legs sitting or standing or maybe both, the leather creaking and groaning; or you be the judge, your taste is impeccable.
  2. lover of high heel boots:
    i’m falling madly in love with those boots, it would be amazing to marry them, i cant even begin to imagine what it would be like to consumate my union with them!

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