Walking in designer stiletto boots in the forest

Walking in designer stiletto boots in the forest
Walking in black designer leather boots with extreme stiletto high heels.

luxury designer stiletto boots

Fashion designer high heels boots

extreme stiletto high heels

Walking in black designer leather boots

Walking in black designer leather boots

Comments (22) on “Walking in designer stiletto boots in the forest”

  1. Erika Ridley:
    I love your boots.
    Are they as comfortable as they look?
    Did you have any challenges with walking on such a spike?
  2. philippe CREON:
    Great shoes. Do you send some used DI MARNI Shoes.


  3. Lunny:
    Super nojki, super sapojki, super kabluchki
  4. snow:
    Cheap Christian louboutin shoes are the best choice with unique design, sexy red sole and the good quality for thoes fashion girl.
  5. Jennie:
    Wow! The most beautiful boots I’ve ever seen!
    Please tell me where I can buy a pair!
    My best regards!
  6. juan:
    Hola me encanta esta pagina, podria subirse a una nissan vanette a?o1988? Un saludo, gracias.
  7. juan:
  8. Pump:
    perfect high heeled boots! really top designer stilettos! like the photos! last photo are extreme hot! love this small trample… mmmm
  9. louboutin:
    snow - it’s not Christian louboutin shoes!
  10. hnik:
    Wow, Great boots! Where can I buy them? Do you sell also?
  11. hhlooks:
    you can buy in this shop http://shop.ebay.it/rubycloe/m.html
  12. anis:
    you are fantastic
    I want girl trample me by feet
    can you trample me in your studio?please
    thank you
  13. jimmy Choo:
    very high heels, really very high!
  14. jimmy:
    this is really extreme high heels, never seen boots like this, great stuff, thank you, please never stop make your photos and videos, it’s always very hot.
  15. Nathan:
    Where can I buy those boots?!
  16. hhlooks:
    I have buy in this shop http://shop.ebay.it/rubycloe/m.html
  17. jezz:
    wish I could be this ladies official Boot polisher!! Id keep them immacualate for her!! seriously!!
  18. heeltap:
    I would love to be under both of those boots! Very nice site!!!
  19. balo:
    Best boots I have ever seen. Love the thin heels and pointy toes.
  20. Congersss:
    I think these beautiful boots need to walk on the asphalt or ceramic, then we can hear fantastic clicking sound of these heels with metal taps. Therefore you looks perfect, and best boots ever!
  21. Arthur:
    Classy and sexy boots.
  22. feddy:
    Lovely pointy toe boots. I went to buy them on ebay or any other online shop, but not find anything?

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