Black platform high heels overknee boots

platform overknee high heels boots
Sitting and posing in black fashion high heels overknee boots

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Comments (3) on “Black platform high heels overknee boots”

  1. Lily:
    Want fancy high heels?Just let me know.
    Or click here: ttp://
    YAHOO:nettradekey@yahoo com
    Phone: 86-871-5721108
  2. enrico:
    the internet address www .nettradekey is a site of ugg seller :(
    con some one give to me the brand of this boot ?
  3. Ricardo:
    Hi Tysha,thanks for liking these!i used a suede like fairbc,medium weight was like $15 for a metre and i’ve stiffened it using a adhesive light canvas you can find at craft or fairbc store,you just iron it on the back of your fairbc and it glues on.You can glue more than one layer until you obtain the desidered stiffness.The good thing about it is that when you cut it the fairbc won’t unthread.I’ll try to upload some more pics!I’ll use this fairbc again on another shoe project in a few days i’ll try to be more detailed

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