Platform shoes at the parking

platform high heels shoes walk video
Full HD video of me walking in platform shoes at the parking.

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  1. shawn:
    love those slingbacks on your barefeet. an idea for video that i will pay for. wear those on your barefeet with red painted toenails all day not removing them once. when filming say how long they have been on your feet for and how hot slippery and sweaty they feel on the inside. walk so i can hear the sticking noise of your heel to the insole as it comes up with each step. move your toes around in there. then from front view facing ur toes, slowly slide your feet out of the insole of just one shoe. tilt the insole of the shoe towards the light to expose the hot sweat streaks your sexy bare foot left in toe area that were smeared out by your toes in the concealed upper area. then try to get as far in to the concealed area as possible with camera so i can see the fresh hot beads of sweat you left in there. once u remove foot, do not put it back in. want to see sweat in its natural state. after doing one do the same with the other. that my fetish. can u do that as a special video. To get the maximum effect are u able to wear those slingbacks on barefeet for nearly a full workday not even once removing them cuz of heat or slippery discomfort inside. if u ever wore those shoes out dancing all night, by the time u got home it will feel similar to that inside. be honest..those shoes do make your barefeet sweat inside…yes?
  2. diberauten:
    Simply perfect platform pumps I’ve ever seen, so thin heels!
  3. Baskr:
    What a perfect pair of platform pumps! So thin high heels! Love them!

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