My old metal stiletto heels boots

metal stiletto heels gallery

Just take these old boots from my old shoe closet and I think they still looks nice.
metal high heels boots

high heels stiletto boots

metal stiletto heels

Comments (4) on “My old metal stiletto heels boots”

  1. lunny:
    Shikarnye. Samaya krasivaya forma kablu4ka :-)
  2. NiceShoes:
    Hey tutsi shoes is so beautiful, but if you show next picture, please take little you feet, and nice shoes ;)
  3. Alex:
    А где такие купить можно и сколько стоят?
  4. Fox:
    Beautiful but….why not a little debooting? A lot of persons will apreciate a good debooting….with her sweaty feet :-)
    Good work!

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