Changing 2 pairs of DiMarni shoes, part 2

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 platform pumps

Playing with 2 pairs of DiMarni designer shoes, black platform and beige peep toes.

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  1. Gabrielle:
    I know exactly what it is like Bev, I have faleln down the stairs and been through manu re habs due to fracture on my back ( hence taking up card making) and no learning how to walk again, an just come back from an opperation from having all four wisdom teeth out. Having been through all this together the last 2 years, it has brought our 10 realtionship and 9 year marriage even stronger. ps yet again your card is stunning and means a lot to me personally so if it goes up on etsy I think it might be coming my way to say ty to my husband !hugs Eve x glad all is good xxx

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